The Worlds 2014 - Player registration

How to register for a tournament?

To register for a tournament is pretty easy.

We will use an external web-page,

For each tournament we will have a seperate link on this page, that will redirect you to the registration page.

If you have never used, you will be asked to register there (The page is in German until you are registered correctly, afterwards you can change the language there.)

There you can register to the tournament by entering the correct information in the form.


For each player we have a fixed reservation fee of 50 € (40 € for early registrations, max. until April 30th, 2014)


Important! For some tournaments you will be asked to select an army. This can be changed by you also afterwards, so you can select what you want. The army you have selected at the end of the registration period is the one you have to use. So nobody has an advantage by registering very late.

Pay DBMM-tournament only:

Pay FOG:AM-tournament only:


Pay FOG:N-tournament only:


Pay FOG:R-tournament only:


Pay WAB-tournament only:


Pay SAGA-tournament only: